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Rates start at $40 per hour for basic organizing

Rates vary from $50 - $75 per hour for hoarding conditions.

"I have known Maureen for the last six or seven years, and have watched how her business has continued to grow. I first hired Maureen to clean my house every other week. I am extremely detail-orientated and picky about how the house is kept, and had had two bad experiences with previous people who just did not meet my expectations. Maureen's attention to detail was beyond expectations, and I was thrilled to have finally found her. But Maureen quickly went on to become so much more than a house cleaner. She was quite literally a personal assistant for me. When my husband and I relocated out of state, and needed to purge some things, Maureen coordinated the donation or sale of everything, with zero help from me, even running a profitable garage sale off site. We kept the house for several months after moving, and Maureen would continue to keep it up, check on it and meet people there, such as utilities reps and real estate agents as needed. In spite of her busy schedule with other clients, she was somehow always available to me, and her reliable dependability meant the world to me. I would highly recommend Maureen for any job that requires trust, reliability, hard work and resourcefulness."  

                                                                                                                                    Stacey Picard

"Maureen has helped me downsize from the large house I lived in for 30 years, and I could never have done it without her. She is efficient, reliable, decisive (boy, did I need that!), and pleasant to work with. She'll be upfront with you, and there is very little she can't handle."
                                                                                                                                    Jackie Elfvin

"I have had the opportunity to work with Maureen on several different occasions related to various projects. One involving moving an office due to retirement and culling the items into a more manageable number. The second was personal involvement in addressing a crowded bedroom that needed to be weeded to provide for more space. The last was a liquidation and cleaning of an entire house for an elderly person who moved into a skilled nursing facility. In every case, Maureen is very efficient, thorough and communicates well to be sure the appropriate items are saved, sold or distributed to an appropriate agency to assist the poor. I would highly recommend Maureen for any type of assistance you might need to reducing items and disposing of items in a timely and efficient manner."

                                                                                                                                     Sr. Diana Stano

"I hired Moedini to clean out my basement, get rid of items I do not use and put what I am keeping in a neat and orderly fashion. She tackled it all with great gusto. It is a pleasure to go to the basement now and I truly appreciate all she  did for me. She comes regularly now to make sure I keep things like she left them."

                                                                                                                                      Marilyn Vlah

"Moedini is the greatest! I absolutely recommend using Maureen, she is such a great resource to have for selling your household items that you no longer want or need. Without the hassle of garage sales. Also, great to have a personal organizer in your life!!! Highly, highly recommend!"

                                                                                                                                         Molly Lacey 

"Our lawyer recommended Moedini when our mother passed away and my sister and I needed to deal with the task of cleaning and clearing out the home we grew up in and that my mother had lived in for the last 60 of her 95 years. Maureen and her team surpassed any expectations we initially had about the process-they were efficient, extremely communicative and thorough. The house was immaculate by the time they finished and the estate sale ran smoothly and profitably. While we certainly appreciated the complete professionalism and attention to detail from Maureen, other qualities make Moedini's services priceless.  We did not expect the level of kindness and empathy from Maureen as we went through what was a very difficult process and are so appreciative of her thoughtfulness as she tended to the passing off of our childhood home. The house had been increasingly neglected over the last decade and by the time Maureen finished with the cleaning and we walked through it before the estate sale, it felt like a great weight had been lifted off-my 22 year old daughter commented that for the first time in her life she thought the house felt "free". Maureen's respect for the past life of the house as she prepared it for the next life allowed us to let go and move on as well. We will forever be grateful and cannot recommend her services highly enough."

                                                                                                                                            Sarah Shaulis